Short Term Rentals. Simplified.

Higher property income

Property income optimised with modern technology and custom pricing tools.

Peace of mind

Your home is in safe hands, with property checks at least every few days. Each guest is carefully vetted.


We do everything for you. No hidden charges. No surprises.

Our Services

Interior Design

We provide professional help with preparing your flat to ensure that it looks at its best.

Professional Photography

Our expert photographers will ensure that your property is beautifully presented.

Listing Setup & Performance Review

We will help prepare a professional listing of your property across numerous platforms and review its performance regularly.

Guest Screening

We screen all guests carefully, asking for additional documentation when appropriate.

24/7 Check-In

In order to maximise the property performance and make guests happy, we remain very flexible, offering 24/7 check-in.

Guest Relations

We maintain continuous communication with all guests, answering their questions about the stay, as well as the area and the city.


Our professional cleaners ensure that the property is always at its best – cleaning it on regular basis and notifying us of any issues which might arise – before anyone else notices.


We provide laundry services to ensure that the bed linen and towels are always fresh and ready for the hotel-like experience.

Repairs & Maintenance

We work with a number of experts to resolve any maintenance issues which might arise – to ensure that the guests are happy and your property is well-kept.

We work with a number of global partners