Long Term Rentals. Simplified.

Guaranteed rent

We rent the property directly from you for a fixed-term – guaranteeing you no voids and stable rental income.

Full management

We fully manage your house, conducting regular cleaning, inspections and maintenance.


No commission fees. No hidden charges. No surprises. As it should be.

How it works

Simple solution

Letting your property can be a worrying experience, and finding a reliable tenant who will take proper care of it is often challenging. It doesn’t need to be.

Welcome to Home Sphere.

We can rent the property directly from you for a fixed term (usually 3-5 years) and pay you a guaranteed rent in line with the market. We will fully manage the property, taking care of any issues.

We then use the property as serviced apartments, providing hotel-like experience to professionals and other travellers visiting London.

Outstanding results

Since our guests expect top-level experience, we ensure that your property is always at its best.

The properties are professionally cleaned usually on daily basis, thus allowing us to inspect them much more frequently than any traditional letting agent.

We might also invest in extra decorations or make certain (pre-agreed) refurbishments, improving the state of your property.

You no longer need to worry about voids, commissions, or management fees.

We take care of everything

Full Rent Guarantee

We will pay you the monthly rent – regardless of whether the property is occupied or vacant. You deserve the peace of mind.

Interior Design

We provide professional help with preparing your flat to ensure that it looks at its best.

Property Furnishing

Our bespoke furnishing solutions are tailored to meet individual requirements of landlords and guests.


Our professional cleaners ensure that the property is always at its best.

Repairs & Maintenance

We work with a number of experts to resolve any maintenance issues which might arise – ensuring that your property is always well-kept.

Property Refurbishment

We can arrange for all types of property refurbishment works – and even finance some of them ourselves.

How much more can I earn with Home Sphere?
Traditional letting agencies charge numerous fees which can eat into your real profits.
Check how much more you could earn by choosing Home Sphere.
Insert what you believe to be the monthly market rent
Monthly Market Rent:
Increase your earnings with Home Sphere
Your earnings with traditional letting agents:
Market Rent
Gross Annual Market Rent:
Agents Commission
Reputable agents charge between 10% - 15% for their services depending on how many of them you want
Annual Agents Commission
Plus VAT at 20%:
Total Agents Commission
Setup Fees
Setup fees vary hugely from £250 - £750. This is paid each time a new tenant moves in (and you could potentially experience two tenants per year).
These include e.g.: Preparation of the Tenancy Agreement, Preparation of an Inventory, EPC, Gas cert, Deposit Fees, Referencing Fees, Check-out Fees, Advertising etc.
Plus VAT at 20%:
Total Costs Of Setup Fees:
Annual Income - Setup Fees - Commission:
Vacant Periods (no of weeks)
Please remember it can take up to 4 weeks to move one tenant out and another one in - You should have a minimum of 4 weeks
Average annual loss of rent from vacant periods:
Your Actual Earnings
Gross annual market rent
Less total agents fees (inc VAT)
Less total setup fees (inc Vat)
Less losses from vacant periods
Actual annual earnings
Actual monthly earnings
Home Sphere can help you earn 4494 more per year. We can pay you the full market rent. No extra charges, no fees.
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