Effortless Solution for Property Agents

Guaranteed rent

We rent the property for a fixed-term – guaranteeing you and your landlords stable rental income.

Full Management

We conduct regular cleaning and maintenance, and deal with most issues – saving you time and money.


No loss of fees from voids. No usual AST problems. Your existing relationships with landlords unaffected. Much happier clients.

Working with Home Sphere

Streamline your business

Finding a reliable tenant who will take proper care of your client’s property is often time consuming and can be quite challenging, especially if the property is not properly decorated, or if it has been neglected by the previous tenants.

Similarly, managing the property can quickly clog up your day, as you deal with numerous tenants’ issues, leaving you with little spare time for growing your business.

It doesn’t need to be like this.

Simple solution

Welcome to Home Sphere.

We can become your favourite tenant, by renting the property from your client for a fixed term (usually 3-5 years) and paying them a guaranteed rent in line with the market.

We then use the property as serviced apartments, providing hotel-like experience to professionals and other travellers visiting London.

We remain respectful of the terms of your existing relationship with the landlord. Moreover, to make your and the landlord’s life easier, we will manage the property, taking care of any issues arising (while keeping you always informed, if you wish so), often covering various costs ourselves.

Outstanding results

Since our guests expect top-level experience, we ensure that your client’s property is always at its best.

The properties are professionally cleaned usually on daily basis, and any issues are immediately reported and addressed.

We might also invest in extra decorations or even make certain (pre-agreed) refurbishments – financing them ourselves – thus improving the overall state of the property.